Saturday, February 26, 2011

It is Your Birthday Emak!!

Puan Zaharah binti Hj. Othman

Happy 56th Birthday!!!!!

mak, i look at you

and see walking miracle.

Your unfailing love without limit,

your ability to soothe my every hurt,

the way you are on duty, unselfishly,

every minute, every hour, every day,

makes me so greatful

that i am yours, and you are mine.

With open arms and open heart,

with enduring patience and inner strength,

you gave so much for me

sometimes at your expense.

You are my teacher,

my comforter, my encourager,

appreciating all, forgiving all.

Sometimes I took you for granted, mak.

but I don't now, and I never will again.

I know that everything I am today

relates to you and your loving care.

I gaze in wonder

as i watch you being you-

my miracle, my emak..

By Joanna Fuchs

P/S: I love you emak..


babyciko 007 said...

happy beday mak kita:) sayang mak kita :)

~Queen Q~ said...

i love you tooo ctm!

Anonymous said...

ssooo..sweeettt la Q..eppi besday to ur mum!!! ~hidayah~

Iszati said...

so cute :) happy birthday mak q, semoga panjang umur n murah rezeki :)

Y a T C i E said...

liking this. sangat sweet. :) happy birthday aunty.