Friday, August 5, 2011

Which Pill to Swallow

When you wear the hijab you feel good

Because you know its right
But when you put on your tight fitting clothes
The angels take flight
And stop singing your praises

You’re caught up in the middle
Being Muslim and western
Your mind knows that its Allah you should obey and follow
But you’re confused
About which pill to swallow
And you try and follow the middle path
Even though you know their aint no such thing
But you just can’t resist not wearing bling

You’re young and vulnerable
In a society that’s just corruptible
Taking advantage of your naivety
Models with size 6 and 8 clothing
On the billboards and magazines
Brainwashing you  
It’s hard to resist
And they persist
Pictures everywhere
Nowhere is safe
So you gotta buy those clothes
And go on a starvation diet to make sure they fit

Doesn’t always go with the hijab
But you try and make it all blend in
Coz you’re a victim of fashion
Which in every nation
Is like a God
Dictating and manipulating
Young minds
Filled with false images of beauty
Trying to conform

I know coz it affects me to
People comment and talk about you
Behind your back they stab you
With words
Cut like a razor
Are you aware?
Does it not faze ya?
Upset ya

Make you feel that you’re letting down your Deen
What’s the point
Wearing a hijab
With tight clothing
Gaining reward
And losing it
When you put on your tight jeans and top
Should you not stop and think?
You cry modesty in self defence
Make the non-Muslim woman the basis
And say Islam urges modesty and moderation
Quote modernist scholars
Those who sell out Islam for just a few dollars
You say women in the west are oppressed
And slaves to man and society
Have no respect or dignity
Used and abused like products

But what about you
Who are you a slave to?
Allah or fashion?
You always justify
And compare and contrast
With those who wear less than you
My words may be harsh
But you know it’s true
I’m only saying
What others are thinking
And saying behind your back
Giving you advice
Because your actions are harming us
It’s easy to judge
And harder to change and budge
From following Kufr
At least you make an effort
But Islam we take completely
Coz halfway Islam don’t mean nothing on the last day
When we will all stand in front of Allah naked

Author: Showkat Ali


.zara. said...

yup... betol tu...
zai pun dalam proses membuat perubahan...
mudah2an Allah permudahkan segalanye.

~Queen Q~ said...

InsyaAllah syg :)

Que Ekin said...

its true...;) thanks for the post..nak copy boleh tak?

Que Ekin said...

thanks for the post que...its true.. ;)